About Witfilm

Witfilm is the production company of director Boudewijn Koole  (a.o. Beyond Sleep and Little Bird) and producer Iris Lammertsma. On one hand, Witfilm focuses on creative, social, and youth documentaries, its key assets being concept development and intensive coaching of filmmakers, resulting in innovative, visually powerful films of artistic nature dealing with subjects that are thought-provoking at all times. Documentary directors Witfilm works with are a.o. Oeke Hoogendijk, Coco Schrijber, and Frank Scheffer. On the other hand, Witfilm focuses on developing and producing art house films by directors who have a strong personal signature, as Boudewijn Koole, Eddy Terstall, Marjoleine Boonstra, Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway.

Witfilm (co-)produces both nationally and internationally. Many of Witfilm’s films have been nominated for awards like Rose d’Or, Tiger Award and IDFA (several competitions) or have won awards like the International Emmy Award, FIPRESCI, Prix Europa, Golden Calf and Prix Italia. Awarded productions include the feature length documentaries Shadow Game, Dance or Die, My Father’s Choice, Zaatari Djinn, Transit Havana, Bring The Jews Home, Inside The Chinese Closet, Battles and Happily Ever After, the youth documentary New and the dance film Off Ground. By making high quality and visually exciting films, Witfilm aims at contributing to a thriving film sector (inter)nationally.

Besides Iris and Boudewijn, the Witfilm team consists of executive producers who each have their own productions under their wings; Natasja Möhrs, Sharon Yosef, Mathilde Niekamp and Babet Touw, producers Naduah Zahradnik, Julia van Schieveen, Maud Keunen, Pam Blankert and postproduction supervisor Daan Odufré. Our production manager is Jet Berkman and production assistant Alba Odufré.

Peter Hanekamp is our business advisor.




Oudezijds Achterburgwal 63
1012 DB Amsterdam
The Netherlands