Iris Lammertsma

Iris Lammertsma (1968) combined her high school with a ballet education at Codarts, Rotterdam. She started of as a ballet dancer and developed herself as a choreographer. In 1991 she founded De Kazerne, a production house for dance and theatre. For 20 years, Iris was the artistic and business director of De Kazerne, she was responsible for more than 60 theatre-, site-specific- and dance performances, nationally and internationally.
After 20 years of working in the theatre world, Iris was ready for a new challenge. Since 2011 she is, together with Boudewijn Koole, the owner of and producer at Witfilm. She (co-)produced several long documentaries like Transit Havana (Daniel Abma, 2016), Inside The Chinese Closet (Sophia Luvarà, 2015) and Happily Ever After (Tatjana Bozic, 2014) and some short documentaries like NEW (Eefje Blankevoort, 2014) and Tonight We’ll Become Women (Josefien Hendriks, 2014). Besides those she produced the dance film Off Ground (Boudewijn Koole/Jakop Ahlbom, 2013) and the 8-part youth documentary tv-series Little Giants (VPRO, 2015).