Support Heddy Honigmann’s next documentary

Even though her last film is just finished – ‘Around the World in 50 concerts’ was the opening film yesterday at IDFA -, the world renowned filmmaker Heddy Honigmann is, together with us, already hard at work realizing her next film project: 100UP. 100UP will be a touching and inspiring documentary about people from across the world who are 100 years and over, all with a contagious zest for life. In 100UP, Heddy wants to investigate of this zest for life is the key to longevity.

Heddy is already in contact with a bunch of great characters that she wants to film as soon as possible, because the subject of the film obviously requires some degree of urgency. To make this possible we called in the help of Cinecrowd and started a crowdfunding campaign today. With this campaign we hope to raise €12.500 in only 30 days!

Do you want to know more about 100UP and help Heddy make a flying start? Then visit!