Boudewijn Koole

Boudewijn Koole (1965) is creative producer at and co-owner of Witfilm. He is advisor and coach of filmmakers during the development, shooting and editing of their films. Boudewijn has been a documentary filmmaker ever since his studies at the University of Delft. He made several, mainly youth-, documentaries, such as TOMMIE, PIERLALA and IN BELFAST STAAT EEN MUUR. More recently he added a focus on directing and writing fiction film. His fiction film debut, KAUWBOY (LITTLE BIRD) was very successful; it was sold to 14 countries and won more than 30 prizes worldwide, including the Discovery Award of the European Film Academy and the First Feature Award at the Berlinale 2012. BEYOND SLEEP (2016), opening film at International Film Festival Rotterdam, is his latest feature.

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