A bit more patience

This fall our documentary ‘Vannacht worden we Vrouwen’ (Tonight We’ll Become Women) will have its premiere at the Dutch children’s film festival Cinekid. Director Josefien Hendriks made a film about best friends and neighbours Komal and Ismini. They are awaiting their first menstruation which will also mean they’ll transform from girls into young women. Would you like to know more? Read our project ‘Tonight We’ll Become Women’ on our project page.

Besides ‘Vannacht worden we Vrouwen’ our documentary ‘De Dwarsligger’ will premiere and run for competition at the Dutch Film Festival in October. Director Sanne Rovers filmed a group of youngsters who build their first Carnival float for the Grand Parade in Prinsenbeek this year. For six months this group of friends (14-18 years) worked on
the 8.5 meter high float. In this documentary Sanne Rovers shows how the relationships between the members of the group develop, from building process to result. Would you like to know more? Read our project ‘De Dwarsligger‘ on our project page.

‘Tonight We’ll Become Women’ is a coproduction with the
broadcaster OHM. We produced ‘De Dwarsligger’ in cooperation with Dutch broadcaster NTR. Both documentaries will be broadcast at the end of this year.