Classroom 205

Paul Cohen / Documentary / 2023 / 54 minutes

Dutch musical actors are among the best in the world. They perform on the big stages, from London and Vienna to Shanghai. But to sing well and act equally well is very complicated, because these are completely different disciplines. It is something like solving a mathematical problem while playing football. At the Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg, the musical students are tutored by a theatre director who masters both subjects like no other. His name is Marc Krone. He helps the students to reach the depths of their souls and to rise above themselves. Often, the lessons are marked by intense emotions.

In this documentary, we follow the development of a number of young, very talented and gifted students. Insecurities are overcome under Krone’s supervision. Krone himself knows the feeling of being insecure quite well, from his own days as a student, when he studied acting in New York with legendary actress and acting teacher Stella Adler. He encorporates this experience, at times in breathtaking fashion, in his lessons in Classroom 205.


Financed by
NTR & CoBO & Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds & Omroep Brabant
CPS Films


Paul Cohen
Writer, camera, sound and editing
Paul Cohen
Colour correction
Joel Sahuleka
Sound design
Martijn Snoeren
Executive producer
Estelle Bovelander
Executive producer
Naduah Ivana Zahradnik
Commissioning editor NTR
Diana Tromp
Coordinating producer NTR
Astrid Pickaerts
Iris Lammertsma
Boudewijn Koole