In order for Sofie (18 years) to find a student room in Amsterdam, she must participate in “Room Application Evenings”. Time and again, she must present herself to the inmates of a student house, amidst her competitors, as the best option for the vacant student room. The competition is fierce and the inmates are ruthless. Who’s accepted and who’s rejected? How far are candidates willing to go? Sofie’s self-awareness is pushed to its limits. How does the assessment process affect her?

Netherlands Film Festival, 2017

Broadcaster: BNN-VARA
Length: 25 minutes
Directors: Nicky Maas & Anne van Campenhout
DOP: Jean Counet
Editing: Daan Wijdeveld
Audionabewerking & muziek: Klink Audio
Financed by: NPO, CoBO, Dutch Cultural Media fund and Netherlands Film Fund (Teledoc Campus)