Andy devotes his days and nights to looking for a lesbian wife of convenience who could possibly bear his child; from online search to underground marriage markets, he is meeting all sorts of girls.
Cherry has already married a gay man, but the quest for a baby proves to be a far more complex challenge.
Will Andy and Cherry deny their own happiness and sexual orientation to satisfy their parents’ wishes?
Inside The Chinese Closet follows Andy and Cherry in their search. Along the way, they clash with their parents’ hopes, their love partners and the partners of convenience. It is through these encounters that the film lays bare the challenges that confront gay people in China today.

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The Netherlands – IDFA, 2015
Germany – Berlin International Film Festival, 2016
Czech Republic – One World, 2016
The Netherlands – Roze Filmdagen, 2016
Greece – Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2016
United Kingdom – HRW London, 2016
United Kingdom – BFI Flare, 2016
Switzerland – Pink Apple, 2016
New Zealand – Documentary Edge, 2016
Germany – Freiburger-Lesbenfilmtage, 2016
Poland – Docs Against Gravity, 2016
Spain – DocsBarcelona, 2016
Korea – SHRFF, 2016
Israel – TLVfest, 2016
USA – HRWFF New York, 2016
Italy – Biografilm Festival, 2016
USA – Frameline, 2016
South Korea – KQFF, 2016
The Netherlands – Gay & Lesbian Summer Film Festival, 2016
Denmark – Mix Copenhagen – LesbianGayBiTransQueer Film Festival, 2016
Guatemala – Lo Otra Banqueta – Festival de Cine por la Diversidad Sexual, 2016
Colombia – DocsBarcelonaMedellin, 2016
USA – Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, 2016
Nicaragua – Managua Cine Mas, 2016
South Africa – Durban International Film Festival, 2016
Hong Kong – Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2016
Germany – Queer Film Festiva Hannover, 2016
Guadeloupe – Festival International du Film des Droits de L’Homme, 2016
Slovakia – One World, 2016
Portugal – Aministia International Sintra, 2016
Oostenrijk – This Human World, 2016
Argentina – Asterisco, 2016
Colombia – Ambulante, 2016
Switzerland – Everybody’s Perfect, 2016
Australia – Brisbane Queer Film Festival, 2017
Germany – Human Vision Film Festival, 2017
France – Vues d’en Face, 2

Berlin International Film Festival – TEDDY Award
DocsBarcelona – New Talent Award


Year: 2015
Length: 53 and 72 minutes
Director: Sophia Luvarà
Director of Photography: Ton Peters NSC
Sound: Mike Hough, Qiao Xin, Amos Ho
Editing: Diego Gutierrez, Stefan Kamp NCE, Patrick Schonewille
Composer: Alex Simu
Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
Coproducer: NTR
Production Manager China: Lilian Wu Jingyang
Financed by: the Netherlands Film Fund and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund