Salo – don’t be afraid

Joris Postema / Documentary / In development

Salo Muller is widely known as the official masseur of Ajax during Johan Cruijff’s time. Five years ago he was in the news worldwide for winning from the Dutch Railways in court and forcing them to pay 50 million euros to the living relatives of Jewish victims of WW2. The lively 87-year-old Muller has now mobilised politicians and a lawyer in Germany, to try and achieve the same goal (only few seem to know that Jewish people had to pay their own ticket to Auschwitz). We will portray Muller in this fight, but also in his lessons in highschools, where he tells his own warstory: he lost his parents and went from safe house to safe house. Salo – don’t be afraid is a film about justice and self-determination. About the fight against anti-seminitism, which is again rampant these days.


Joris Postema