Nelleke Koop / Documentary / In production / 54'

Scientists in the field of chronobiology have discovered in recent decades that every process in our bodies has its own cycle, based on a 24-hour day. Every cell in our body has a clock that runs its own biochemical factory with great precision. This allows us to be ‘ready’ to eat, sleep and think at specific moments of the day, and processes are often disrupted when we act counter to these cycles. Apparently, this even affects our mood and health. There are claims that the non-synchronicity of our social life and our inner clock is the cause of widespread diseases such as cancer, depression and diabetes.

Suppose that these chronobiologists are right. With our day-to-day lives increasingly transforming into a 24/7 rat race where everything is always open and switched on (shops, work, lighting, phones), the importance of looking at ways to change how we deal with time cannot be underestimated. This is exactly what director Nelleke Koop will do in this film. She will hold several studies in the field of chronology up to the light and use a wealth of material from the arena of scientific research to discuss time in an associative manner.


Development financed by
NPO Fund
Financed by
NPO Fund, CoBO


Nelleke Koop
Roel van 't Hoff
Sound design
Mark Lizier