The Godwit was here

Barbara Makkinga / Documentary / 2023 / 90' & 55'
Music in Media Awards, 2024 - Documentary
Music in Media Awards, 2024 - Documentary

The godwits are disappearing from the Frisian landscape, but to Bote they keep coming. Each spring they settle down in his fields, in large numbers. The last pearl of Friesland, is what people call Bote’s farm. Bote cherishes the godwits on his land, he would do anything for them. In his pastures you will not find the modern choice of English rye-grass, in which almost the entirety of Friesland is covered nowadays, but simply old-fashioned meadow grass. The only problem is, cows don’t thrive on this grass. His wife Astrid allows her husband his love for birds. If it was just the two of them, she would let him carry on as usual. But they’re not alone, they have five children, the eldest eager to take over the business. And they want to do things very differently.


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Financed by
Netherlands Filmfund, NPO-Fund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, CoBO


Barbara Makkinga
Roel van 't Hof
Alex Booy
Katja Schoondergang

Awards / Nominations

Music in Media Awards, 2024 - Documentary