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for the tragi-comic family film MEIS

by Jakop Ahlbom and Boudewijn Koole

Who are we?

Jakop Ahlbom Company is an international travelling company making one-of-a-kind physical visual theater. Jakop Ahblom creates a magical universe combining mime, slapstick, dance, music, illusionism and special effects to let his audience step into unfamiliar worlds. Witfilm is the production company of producer Iris Lammertsma and director Boudewijn Koole (including Beyond Sleep, Off Ground and Kauwboy). On the one hand, Witfilm focuses on creative, societal documentaries for children and teenagers with concept development and intensive coaching of film makers as its strong points resulting in innovative, visually powerful films with an artistic nature about topics that always give us food for thought. On the other hand, Witfilm focuses on developing and producing arthouse films by directors with a highly individual signature, for example Boudewijn Koole, Aboozar Amini, Marjoleine Boonstra, Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway.

In a country where so many different languages are spoken, we are offering a universal language on the stage: the language of images and movement. To us, diversity and inclusion are of major added value and we believe in a broad representation including gender, educational level, cultural background, employment challenge, religion, sexual identity, and age. You do not need to speak Dutch for this role, but it would be convenient if you have basic English skills to communicate on the film set.

For the role of: Dimitri

MEIS is a family film without any words. The film tells us the story of Meis, a 10-year-old girl who does her very best – together with her father Dimitri – to keep her mother alive for as long as possible. Iris used to be a successful dancer, but she has had to give up her career because she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her body is slowly giving up. Dimitri and Meis are literally and figuratively lifting her through the last few days of her life. This is a tragi-comic film without any dialogue, in the tradition of the classic slapsticks. Dimitri is a strong bloke. He used to be a boxer. His looks can initially be a bit frightening and he can be bad-tempered at times, but he is a rough diamond with a heart of gold.

Who are you?

Do you recognise yourself in the requirements below? Then we are looking for you!

  • As Dimitri you will be playing the role of someone aged between 35 and 45. So you either have this age, or you look like someone aged between 35 and 45.
  • As a father you are taller than your wife. So you are at least 1.80 metres tall.
  • You are a professional actor with experience in film and/or the theatre and you have a relevant educational background. This means that you know all about a day on a film set and you have good empathy to perform your role well.
  • In your role you will carry a woman. Because you have to lift her, you have good physical qualities such as strength, stamina and flexibility.
  • As mentioned above, this is a family film without any words. So you will tell this story with your body and your facial expressions. This is why you will have a background in dance, mime, acrobatics or martial arts. You can also be a dancer with acting experience.

What can we offer you?

This is a paid project for 4 months in 2024 and the salary is in conformity with the market.

How can you apply?
Please send us a few photographs of yourself with an overview of your work experience until now. We welcome a movie or showreel that shows you while you are working. Please send them by email to info@jakopahlbom.nlbefore 30 April 2022. You will hear from us on 16 May whether you will be invited for a casting interview.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us using the email address mentioned above.