When Emma hears that her parents are getting a divorce, she is shocked. All of a sudden, their happy family of three is splitting up. As for the reason why they’re getting a divorce, Emma still isn’t really sure about that.

In the short children’s documentary Inside Out, director Els van Driel uses Emma’s audio diary to show the hard times that children have to endure when their parents divorce. As a child, you want to be understanding of the situation, but you also have to deal with your own sadness and anger. How do you deal with all these conflicting emotions, and who should you be loyal to when your parents separate: to them or to yourself? And how can children slowly start to feel happy again?

The Netherlands – Cinekid, 2017

Broadcaster: EO/IKONdocs
Director: Els van Driel
DOP: Jean Counet, Rogier Timmermans & Stefano Bertacchini
Length: 15 minutes
Financed by: NPO fund (Kids&Docs)