Pax Neerlandica

Daan Veldhuizen / Documentary / In production / 55' & 90'

In a struggle for independence on the other side of the world, in 2020 the Dutch flag flies as a symbol of freedom. An image that takes us back to Netherlands New Guinea in the early 1960s, when the Dutch state promised the native population of the Papuan colony their independence. The search for how the continuous oppression of the Papuan people relates to this virtually unknown chapter in Dutch national history reveals the motives and mechanisms of Dutch contemporary neo-colonial society.


Development financed by
Netherlands Film Fund, NPO-Fund
Financed by
Netherlands Film Fund, KRO-NCRV, NPO, Cobo and Beeld & Geluid


Daan Veldhuizen
Jean Counet
Daan Veldhuizen, Ruben van der Hammen
Chiel Aldershoff, Wouter Veldhuis