Rising tides

Martijn Blekendaal / Documentary / 2019

Rising Tides is a four-part documentary series in which internationally acclaimed photography journalist Kadir van Lohuizen investigates the consequences of the rising sea level.

Within the next decades indicates the sea level will rise significantly. Greenland and Antartica are melting at an increasing pace. Worldwide the consequences of this rise can already be felt.

In his photo project Where will we go? (2013-2015) Kadir van Lohuizen already recorded what this development means to the inhabitants of low- lying areas like Kiribati, Miami and the Bangladesh delta region.

I photographed and interviewed families who still partly live in affected areas and other family members who have already moved to safer ground. What is often forgotten is that before seas flood land permanently, the sea water intrudes much earlier at high tides, thus making once-fertile land no longer viable for crops and drinking water brackish and undrinkable.

Rising Tides is a high-end television series in which Kadir van Lohuizen investigates how sea level rise affects the lives of ordinary people and what is being done to counter present and future threats. How do people deal with that threat? What sacrifices do they make – and have they made? Which measures are being taken – or should be taken? In his quest to find answers and solutions Kadir takes his audience from Greenland to Jakarta, from New York to Bangladesh, from the Netherlands to the Marshall Islands and from the Fiji Islands to Miami. Cities and regions that at first sight, seem to have little to do with each other, but that are connected by that one terrifying vision: a world slowly disappearing under a rising tide. The result is a series that paints a challenging image of the near future in an accessible and stirring way.






Kadir van Lohuizen
Based on the idea of
Kadir van Lohuizen, Twan Huys
Lies Janssen, Hans Dortmans, Wytzia Soetenhorst, Adelheid Kapteijn
Pim Hawinkels, Martijn van Beenen
Elja de Lange, Bart van den Broek
Benny Jansen
Sebastiaan Koolhoven


Pictures: Kadir van Lohuizen @Noor 2019